October 30 - November 1, 2018 | Amsterdam

Hands-On Day

Backbase Connect Day 4 – hands-on workshops and in depth discussions on topics like Backbase 6, UX, CX6 and many others.

Why should you join the Hands-On day?

The Hands-On day is meant to be much more practical than the previous 3 days of Backbase Connect, featuring specific topic workshops.The day is full of knowledge sessions whether you’re a developer, account manager, business analyst, a UX designer, project manager, tech writer, or even more unique.You can choose from:

BB6 introduction & Future of BB - Backbase is happy to present the new BB6 parts and to share the future of the product with you

  • Roadmap sharing: Retail Banking
  • Roadmap sharing: Business Banking
  • Roadmap sharing: Wealth Management
  • Roadmap sharing: Content Management / Digital Marketing
  • Roadmap sharing: Forms/DCM
  • Training: CXP Manager - update your knowledge from 5.x to CX 6
  • Talk: Architectural Update
  • Talk: New Widget Blueprint (Angular 4)
  • Talk: Backbase Cloud update
  • Talk: Widget Collection for non-technicals

Working with projects - Lessons learned during projects, shared with you

  • UX Workshop: Engage Your End-users, design a new look for your app/website in 30-60 minutes
  • Talk: Increasing Velocity, Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery/Deployment and Automated Testing
  • Talk: Backbase in the Cloud
  • Talk: Backbase DTAP
  • Talk: Scalable Architecture
  • Talk: Upgrade to 6
  • Talk: Devops and SDLC

Using CX 6 - These workshops are aimed at people using CX (CXP Manager) who want to try new features

  • Workshop: Set up a site structure and create links
  • Workshop: Design a master page with your own properties
  • Workshop: Localized experience with localized content (properties and content)
  • Workshop: Design a page with Targeted messaging

Development - Workshops and talks aimed at developers, front-end, backend, mobile

And many many more. We will be monitoring and adjusting the workshops according to preferences. Check out the form to see all the workshops in detail and sign-up for the ones your are interested.

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Hands-On Day will be help at Backbase Amsterdam HQ

Address:Jacob Bontiusplaats 9,1018 LL Amsterdam